Quality is in our DNA

With our highly recommended “DARUMA Gourmet” series we constantly develop and offer safe and high quality products to fair prices. Our products are very popular among our customers and are used by top chefs of well-known hotels and restaurants. Development takes place in cooperation with top chefs, aiming to create products that will steadily expand the Japanese and Asian food market in Europe.

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Our SSP-Team is proud of being experts in food preparation and food-related businesses. Our competent and experienced staff fully supports our customers. No other company can compete with our longstanding performance in the promotion and marketing of Japanese and Asian foodstuff in Europe. Also, our wide range of products that was selected for professionals is second to none. We will strive to develop our comprehensive business including product development and distribution of Japanese and Asian food in Europe as a market leader.
Our motto is to be on the site. Our purchasing personnel collects information not only from Europe but also from around the world and directly visits the production sites where the developing of our products takes place. Afterwards, our personnel stays in close contact with the producers and frequently visits the production site on a regular basis, ensuring quality control and product traceability. Direct purchase from the producers reduces our costs, which is directly reflected to our products prices.
“Health & Security” are the most basic and important issues in the food business. Recently, food scandals caused a lot of fear and uncertainty in general public. Such scandals are not always the results of malicious intent but by job-related negligence or insufficient quality control. To prevent such problems, we have established strict company standards. Based on these we strive to maintain merchandise quality control to be able to offer our products to our customers with confidence. We import and sell only products which conform to the EU’s food hygiene laws. Especially our product development series “DARUMA Gourmet” undertakes a strict examination by the German food hygiene inspection institute to ensure food safety. Only products that have passed these inspection are sold as “DARUMA Gourmet.”
We proudly present our own brand, the “DARUMA Gourmet” series. Our staff directly visits manufacturers and production sites in order to examine the quality and safety standards of the raw materials. Also, we always keep in close contact with manufacturers. All products which pass into production have been developed, tasted and seasoned by our skilled staff. High volume purchasing directly from manufacturers made low prices and high quality a reality.
All “DARUMA Gourmet” products are examined by food inspection facilities in Germany and prove to comply the satisfy standards of European food Industries.
Our “DARUMA Gourmet” products are carefully selected by our professional staff. We proudly recommend the safety and high quality of our “DARUMA Gourmet” series at affordable prices.
Our product prices are based on the condition to satisfy our customers as well as the end users when purchasing our products. Also, as the market leader, we offer fair and stable prices. We purchase and import large volumes directly from manufactures, and developed our own brand “DARUMA Gourmet”. Thus we are able to offer our high quality products at low prices.
Our staff offers prompt and sincere advice to all our customers questions or inquires. We provide our customers with total support from the supply of products above proposing prices and consulting menus to after sales services.
When it comes to customer service, our sales staff strives to satisfy the needs of our customers. District sales representatives visit our customers frequently to make offer assistance and consultation. We offer intangible services to our customers through meticulous interaction employing our vast experience and know-how gained over the years. Please feel free to contact our sales representative in your area.